Laravel Breadcrumbs is no longer maintained. Please see the README for more details.

API Reference

Defining breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs::register('name', function($breadcrumbs, $page) {
    // ...
Method Returns Added in Docs
$breadcrumbs->push($title) (none) 1.0.0 No URL
$breadcrumbs->push($title, $url) (none) 1.0.0 Defining
$breadcrumbs->push($title, $url, $data) (none) 2.3.0 Custom data
$breadcrumbs->parent($name) (none) 1.0.0 Parent links
$breadcrumbs->parent($name, $param1, ...) (none) 1.0.0 Parent links
$breadcrumbs->parentArray($name, $params) (none) 2.0.0 Array parameters


In the view (template)

$breadcrumbs (array), contains:

Variable Type Added in Docs
$breadcrumb->title string 1.0.0 View data
$breadcrumb->url string or null 1.0.0 View data
$breadcrumb->first boolean 1.0.0 View data
$breadcrumb->last boolean 1.0.0 View data
$breadcrumb->custom_attribute_name mixed 2.3.0 Custom data